After February 28, 2019 we will have some changes. 

Park Medical Group will be integrated into Evergreen Family Medicine as part of a planned expansion of primary care services. Dr. Nichols will be at the main Evergreen Roseburg Facility, and Erin Cassidy will be moving to PrimeCare Partners.  

Evergreen Family Medicine will continue to offer services at the Park Medical Group site in Harvard Medical Park. 

We have been privileged the last two years to provide primary care to many patients in Douglas County, have worked hard to provide outstanding and compassionate care, and have truly enjoyed the process.

Patient records

What is happening: Our clinic, Park Medical Group, is being absorbed by Evergreen Family Medicine effective March 1, 2019. After that date, Evergreen Family Medicine will be the custodian of all patient records.

What does that mean: “A custodian of patient records” means that Evergreen Family Medicine will properly retain and store medical records and handle future requests for medical records. In addition, Evergreen Family Medicine will be able to access those medical records if the patient is seen at an Evergreen Family Medicine facility.

Your choice:

  • If you are going to continue with Evergreen Family Medicine you can come in to Evergreen Family Medicine and sign paperwork.
  • If you have not yet chosen a healthcare provider to replace Park Medical Group, you don’t need to do anything. Your records will be retained and stored with Evergreen Family Medicine until you have made your decision. At that time, you can request your records be transferred if you are not continuing with Evergreen Family Medicine.
  • If you DO NOT WANT Evergreen Family Medicine to retain and store your medical records, please contact Park Medical Group by phone at (541) 229-7275; by fax at (541) 229-7276; email at; or stop in our office. For your protection, please do not post your information to Facebook or other social media.

If you have questions: Please contact Evergreen Family Medicine at (541) 677-7200